Company Culture

Al Maha Foods Company culture reflects our ideology and basic principles being followed in all our business relationship. This defines core value system imbibed in our entire team. Here under is our Company Culture.

1. Honesty : Truthfulness, fair presentation of what is known or perceived by an individual    without any hiding and not involving oneself in unfair behavioural practices.
2. Integrity : One adheres to strict moral or ethical code of conduct. And abiding by     principle of honesty. Doing what is said by an individual, keeping ones promises in a fair     and good manner.
3. Loyalty : Intellectual and/or emotional commitment to a course of action. Loyalty is not     something one owes to someone but something that you owe to yourself. Loyalty is all     about being faithful and truthful to your self to your organisation and others.
4. Team Spirit : Organised efforts as a group. The spirit of a team that makes all the     members wanting to succeed as a group. This means collectiveness and togetherness     with all the team members, helping each other to achieve the set targets or goals.
5. Open for Ideas : To accept and respect ideas and views of others with a collective     approach to reach at the best ideas for the working of the team. Willingness to consider     new ideas.
6. Free and Straight Forward Expression : One should feel free to share and inform ones    Ideas, vision and action plans in an open way. The sharing and passing of knowledge and    information should be concise, clear and straight forward.
7. Transparency in work : Free flow and sharing of related knowledge and information     with all the concerned. It means working in an atmosphere of mutual trust and faith     with no hidden agendas and be transparent in all our dealings.
8. Dependability : A trait of being reliable to the degree of certainty. Being able to set     and meet targets and goals in a time-bound and a highly dependable manner. Ability     without dependability is a liablility
9. Responsibility : A form of trustworthiness, a trait of being answerable towards ones    actions. Responsibility is the sense in which one makes conscientious efforts for    achieving and or maintaining required results. This means proper custody, care, and    performance of the assigned task with an obligation to reach at successful conclusion in    a highly responsible manner.

10. Accountability : Being answerable for the results of an assigned task. Being      answerable for actions and decisions taken. This means an obligation to perform, to      account for      the responsibilities conferred. Accountability generates credibility.

11. Long Term Planning : All the actions should defray a long term vision. All the planning      should be done keeping a long term perspective and a bigger picture in view. This is an      approach to have far-sightedness. A vision to see something unseen.
These core values are to be reflected in all our deeds. We at Al Maha Foods believe that an individual has to be true to oneself first and then to the family, society and the organization. This remains the foundation of our Company culture.
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