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The Idea and passion to supply world class basmati rice to selected global customers has laid the foundation of Al Maha Foods. Ideology combined with scientific systems, best human resources and sophisticated modern techniques defines the functioning of Al Maha Foods. Al Maha Foods is succeeding to deliver the complete solutions to the buyer with its best business practices based on principles and unmatched quality systems.

Al Maha foods today stand for state of the arts
international quality product deliverance

Al Maha Foods has scientifically developed its range of products. Company provides its products in different brands, packings that provide the maximum benefits while meeting all the concerns of the global buyer. Al Maha brands are specialized in Indian Raw Basmati Rice and Indian Sella Basmati Rice.

Indian Raw Basmati rice brands are majorly categorized as Al Maha, A, B, C & D, Indian Sella Basmati rice brands are majorly categorized as Al Maha - 1, 2, 3 & 4

Its various brands are quality combinations that address the price and quality needs of the buyers. To lead the competitive and volatile basmati rice trade the company supports customer to minimize business risk.

Key to Al Maha foods success is in having strict
control over quality and correct price

Al Maha delivers World class Indian Basmati rice by having strict quality controls and correct pricing. Al Maha Foods has very well organized systems right from the stage of procurement of paddy. Throughout the milling and processing of Paddy to rice, packaging of rice to the shipment of rice. Its systems are accompanied with state of art infrastructure. For excellence in results whole process is controlled by a modern and high tech fully equipped Laboratory and qualified rice analysts. Where quality of rice, at each and every stage of process is assured by the Basmati rice experts.

Al Maha is today an emerging leader and is known for providing and marketing products that are the best available in terms of quality and service. Thus, putting the welfare of customers above all the goals including profits and business volume.

Total quality people is our heritage

Excellence in Al Maha services is the result of the efforts of its most precious asset - Human Resources. Comprising of responsible, dedicated and professional team of experts from all spheres that comprises of country's best quality analysts, quality and assurance inspectors, laboratory technicians, commercial personnel, administration and finance talent. Thus we deliver the most desired results to the global buyers.

Al Maha foods products services are scientifically developed
and to give maximum benefit to global buyer

Over the years Al Maha has revolutionized the concept of high quality rice by its excellent management and quality systems. Our unique combination of Human Resources and Technology is governed by the scientific systems. Which is incorporated by our visionary Management? Our Management offers our premium product to the international buyers while practicing its philosophy of transparency in process, mutual trust, mutually beneficial long term relationship along with dedication on long term basis. This defines Al Maha's mission, vision and policy, which is underlined by quality in all our deeds.

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