We are specialized in basmati rice business with selected quality conscious global customers. We are specialized in world class FMCG Products. With a vision to take effective steps to ensure best services and customer satisfaction, by adopting and pursuing best business practices. We believe in long-term business relationships.

The products and services of al maha foods are scientifically developed and managed to give the maximum benefit to its global customers. We offer our services in three categories

  • Trade and export of premium quality basmati rice
  • Quality Assurance services
  • Import and Marketing of FMCG Products
    Over the years, Al Maha Foods has revolutionized the concept of high quality rice export by its excellent management and quality inspection systems.
    Al Maha Foods has witnessed spectacular expansion and diversification. The organization has followed business practices based on principles and has adopted unmatched quality systems. The dedication of the company has contributed to larger extent to improve many prevailing practices in India. This has further attributed to the idea of globalisation for India.
    Al Maha Foods continuously works on improvement of quality of its service through integrated team efforts and its research and development center. To lead the competitive and volatile trades the company supports the customers to minimise business risk. We completely understand the requirements of international and Indian customers and provide best quality products along with constant improvements and transparent processes.
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