Selective Product for Selective Consumers
Al  Maha Foods is leading in exports of  Basmati rice and as of today is  gaining momentum in sale of branded rice in Indian Market. We present our best selected product in convenient consumer packs with the brand name Al Maha. Our product is best in terms of quality, taste, aroma and length. Our able team put in special efforts right from the stage of procurement of paddy and ensures that the final packed rice not only meets the  expectations of the consumers but sets the quality standards in the heart of consumer.
A Mmaha Sell Basmati Rice

We are  providing world class Indian Basmati rice at best prices in consideration to high quality concious Indian Market. Al Maha Foods has established the highest standards for Quality of product, packaging, services and pricing in consideration to unique taste and needs of Indian Consumer

We produce selective rice for our selective consumers.  And our product continues to win the heart of our consumers.

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