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Al Maha Foods, India ISO 9001:2008 Co.

  1. A well known name in the rice industry.
  2. Specialised in Indian Basmati Rice.
  3. Specialised for Middle Eastern Market.
  4. And for cross border Rice Inspection Services.

Lay Out of Inspection Procedure

  1. Memorandum of understanding with buyer of rice.
  2. Quality Inspection Agreement with supplier of Rice.
  3. Inspection of Rice at Rice Mill.
  4. Inspection of Rice at Port of Shipment.
  5. Inspection of Rice at New Delhi Laboratory.
  6. Issuance of Quality Assurance Certificate.

Quality Assurance Services Triparty Co-ordination


Memorandum of Understanding with the Importer

  1. Memorandum of Understanding defines the scope of work between Al Maha Foods, India and Importer of rice abroad.
  2. At the time of Compliance of services following information is furnished to Al Maha Foods, India by the buyer of rice -

Details of Importer to Al Maha Foods, India

Quality Inspection Agreement with Supplier of Rice

  1. A Quality Inspection agreement is entered between Al Maha Foods, India and the supplier of Rice.
  2. The Agreement states of
    1. by party agreement of inspection of rice.
    2. details of Buyer of Rice.
    3. of Inspection fee.

Stages of Quality Inspection of Rice

Quality Inspection of Rice at Rice Mill While Packing of Rice

Al Maha Foods, Rice Inspection Team Personnel at Rice Mill-

  1. Supervises the Entire Process of Rice at the Rice Mill of Supplier.
  2. Analyses the rice samples with respect to buyers Quality specifications.
  3. Supervises the loading of rice for the Indian Port of shipment.
  4. Arranges for rice sample for analysis at New Delhi office Laboratory.

Quality Inspection of Rice at Port of Shipment during Pre shipment storage

Al Maha Foods Team at Port of Shipment.

  1. Supervises unloading of rice at Port warehouse.
  2. Verifies that special security plastic seals are intact.
  3. Arranges for rice Sample for New Delhi Laboratory.
  4. Approves shipment of the approved rice cargo.

Quality Inspection of Rice at New Delhi office Laboratory

Al Maha Foods Team of Basmati rice experts at New Delhi Office Laboratory-

  1. Is fully equipped with modern rice testing and analysing equipments.
  2. Analysis samples of all stages of rice.
  3. And under the guidance of Managing Director finally approves the quality of Basmati rice being exported from India.

Issuance of Quality Assurance Certificate

  • At the end of the process the Quality Assurance certificate is issued by Al Maha Foods International Private Limited with the signatures of Managing Director.
  • This certificate is a conclusive proof that rice shipped is meeting quality specifications of the buyer.
Quality Inspection Certificate the Compliance of Procedure.


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