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Al Maha Foods embarked on its journey with a clear vision: to offer premium Basmati Rice to Quality conscious Global consumers of Basmati Rice. Our Ideology combined with scientific systems, best human resources and sophisticated modern techniques define our functioning. Al Maha Foods consistently succeeds in delivering complete solutions to the buyers with its best business practices based on principles ad unmatched quality systems.


Al Maha Foods has infrastructure to produce all variants of Basmati Rice that includes, Raw, Steam Brown and Parboiled Rice. Our Rice Mills are strategically located in the heart of paddy growing area to gain maximum advantage of quality, price and logistics and are ISO 22000:2018 certified. Implementation of Kaizen practices, continuous system improvement and upgradation play a major role in enhancing productivity and achieving sustained continual growth.


Al Maha brands are specialized in Indian Raw Basmati Rice and Indian Sella Basmati Rice. Our diverse brands are quality combinations that address the pricing and quality needs of all the ranges of consumers and buyers in all segments and all geographies. To lead the competitive and volatile Basmati rice trade, the company supports customers to minimize business risk and secure their supply chain and procurement. Al Maha Foods is a trend setter when it comes to exploring new avenues, embracing innovations, and setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Strict control over Quality and correct price drives the success of Al Maha Foods.

Al Maha delivers World class Indian Basmati rice by having strict quality controls and correct pricing. Al Maha Foods has a well-organized system right from the stage of procurement of paddy, throughout milling, processing, and packing to the port of shipment. Its infrastructure boasts of state-of-the-art systems & controls where quality of rice, at each stage of process is assured by the Basmati rice experts. For excellence in results whole process is controlled by a modern and high tech fully equipped Laboratory and qualified rice analysts.

Al Maha Foods is dedicated to delivering World-class Indian Basmati rice that meets the highest quality standards and is priced correctly. The company has a well-organized system in place that begins with procuring the best quality paddy and continues throughout the milling and processing of rice, packaging, and shipment. Al Maha Foods uses state-of-the-art infrastructure, including a modern laboratory with qualified rice analysts, to ensure the quality of rice at every stage of the process. The company’s goal is to prioritize customer welfare by providing the best quality products and services, regardless of profits or business volume, which has earned them a reputation as an emerging leader in the industry.

Al Maha Foods products & services are scientifically developed to give maximum benefit to global buyer

Our consistent focus on delivering World-class Basmati Rice to our customers has helped us expand our footprint around the Globe, leading to a strong loyal customer base
As we brace ourselves to meet the rising demand for high-quality Basmati Rice, we are committed to serve our customers in each corner of the World.
Our Quality impact and understanding of Middle East market helps us spread our wings to other parts of the World.